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Dr. Dejan was my chiropractor in Atlanta, GA. Wow...what an exceptional practitioner! If you are looking to bring your health to the next level or transform your life, Dr. Dejan is the man. I'd highly recommend anyone I know to Vitality Wellness Studio!
-David L. Atlanta, GA

Your initial visit starts with a consultation where we have a conversation to see what your main concerns are and to see if the care we provide is a good synergistic match to assist you in moving from pain to optimum health.  Life is too precious to be held back. Contact us today if you know you deserve more than the life you're living. 

Our mission at Vitality Wellness Studio is to help people achieve massive personal transformation, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

We believe that the healing journey is meant to be an experiential and participatory one where the doctor and practice member work together to discover more depth of meaning behind the symptoms and ailments in order to seek resolution rather than simply apply a bandaid for temporary relief. 

Our methods are unique and that is why they yield extra-ordinary results!

Check out our services for more info as well as the testimonial section to see what our clients had to say about this incredible healing. 

Dr. Dejan Kotur was able to work with me to help my body feel more ease, I noticed less symptoms, and felt more like myself again! I truly felt reconnected after seeing Dr. Dejan. Highly recommended!

​-Kay S Atlanta GA

Chiropractic for the mind, body and spirit

Vitality Wellness Studio


Dr. Dejan Kotur is loving, authentic, intuitive and a master at his art of providing chiropractic care. I am so grateful I crossed paths with him, as his weekly care I received for several months brought me to a greater level of body awareness, strength, and higher state of health and well-being. Thank you Dr. Dejan!

​-Sarah P. Atlanta GA

complimentary consultation

​Dr. Dejan Kotur graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Aviation Technology in 2004 and worked at O’Hare International Airport for a 5-year period as an aircraft technician. Dr. Dejan always had an interest in health and a natural, active lifestyle.  He sustained an injury back in 2009, which led him to see a Chiropractor for the first time triggering an interest in a dramatic career change. 

After experiencing chiropractic care, he witnessed first hand that chiropractic is much more than a natural way to get rid of pain as his body started to express optimal health such as better sleep, more energy, greater ability to handle stress, improved digestion and resolution with pet and seasonal allergies.  With a well-adjusted nervous system, he was able to reach new levels of physical, mental and emotional health.  The changes he experienced with chiropractic moved him so deeply that he decided that this is how he wanted to help people and chose to go back to school.

He is now very excited to offer this transformative care and service in his new practice, Vitality Wellness Studio, here in Park Ridge, IL.  Dr. Kotur has made it his life’s purpose to helping people of all walks of life express optimal health through Network Chiropractic Care by improving their neurospinal integrity.