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Vitality Wellness Studio

I knew of the positive benefits of the NSA technique and that it would be a transformative experience, but I didn’t know quite the impact it would have on me. Signing up for the wellness plan with Danny was enriching and truly enlightening. That time spent every week with Danny helped me find clarity in my busy week and always left me feeling refreshed. Danny always had a positive energy and a smile going into the entrainment. I loved having a moment to share both positive and negative experiences happening in my life with Danny and then working on those sentiments in the entrainment. Whether building more on the good in my life or dealing with and moving past the bad, each entrainment helped me reach a part of myself that I did not know was there - it was an amazing time of discovery! I would highly recommend taking the time to commit to your own wellness and having Danny be your guide.
-Ivana S. Chicago, IL​​

Fantastic chiropractor! If you want the best results, go see the best!
-James R. New Orleans, LA

Dejan is really good at what he does. I have been to many different chiropractors and his attention to what I needed goes above and beyond. I have recommended him to many of my closest friends and family. Although I am happy to see that he's in sunny Colorado, I am sad that he's not near me. Colorado you're lucky!

-Dave A. Chattanooga, TN

Dr. Dejan Kotur is loving, authentic, intuitive and a master at his art of providing chiropractic care. I am so grateful I crossed paths with him, as his weekly care I received for several months brought me to a greater level of body awareness, strength, and higher state of health and well-being. Thank you Dr. Dejan!

-Sarah P. Atlanta, GA

Dr. Dejan Kotur was able to work with me to help my body feel more ease, I noticed less symptoms, and felt more like myself again! I truly felt reconnected after seeing Dr. Dejan. Highly recommended!

Kay S. Atlanta, GA

I was referred to Danny from a close friend - and Im elated that I listened to her advice! I've suffered from back pain for years and after working with Danny for two months I've already begun to see major improvement. He is professional and personable!

​Muni A. Miami, FL

If you and your family are looking for high level care from a high level practitioner, and up standing individual. This is the place and the doctor for you!

-Zach T. Atlanta, GA

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Dejan after a car accident. Needless to say, my body was a pun intended. His level of quality care and attention to my body's needs was above and beyond. I would highly recommend him as a chiropractic expert and healthcare professional.

-Deanna D. Atlanta, GA

Dr. Dejan was my chiropractor in Atlanta, GA. Wow...what an exceptional practitioner! If you are looking to bring your health to the next level or transform your life, Dr. Dejan is the man. I'd highly recommend anyone I know to Vitality Wellness Studio!

-David L. Atlanta, GA

I've been under care with many chiropractors so far in my life and Dr. Kotur is truly one of a kind. Not only did my health improve while under care with him, but he helped me to find and create greater possibilities in providing my own gifts to the world. I am grateful for his incredible skill as a chiropractor as well as his compassion as a human being.

-Dan C. Atlanta, GA

Dr. Kotur, provides extraordinary chiropractic care unlike anything I have experienced before. While being under care, I experienced aches and pains going away, but I also noticed I was having a better outlook on life. I highly recommend receiving care at the Vitality Wellness Studio!

​-Chris Girdis Raleigh, NC

Dr. Dejan Kotur provided care for me and my family for several months. The growth and clarity that we all gained from his care, both personally and as a family were invaluable. It helped us deal with stresses that came our way, and transformed our lives to the better. If it wasn't due to the current physical distance, we would definitely continue getting care from Dr. Dejan. Thank you!

-Itamar I. Atlanta, GA

I met Dr. Dejan when he was still a student and his technique and skills were already exceptional. As a doctor he must surpass what greatness is, anyone that's under his care is certainly in the best hands.
-Olga M. Atlanta, GA

I've been adjusted couple times by my friend here! I felt wonderful!  And let me tell you I'm trying to come visit Colorado for the visit but also for a appointment asap. See you soon hopefully!! Congrats again!
-Daca S. Miami, FL